About CineSlice and A.J. Hakari

Howdy, folks. A.J. Hakari here. I’m an online film critic, stage actor, theater concessionist, former video store clerk, and staunch defender of Quantum of Solace. I’m a bona fide movie nerd who’s been reviewing flicks for well over a decade. Among the outlets I’ve reviewed for are ReelTalk Movie Reviews, Passport CinemaClassic Movie Guide, Review Express, The Red Eye ReportTerror Tube, Blogcritics, DVD Active, and the Student Voice newspaper at UW-River Falls. I’m also a current member of the Online Film Critics Society.

So why am I here, you may or may not ask? Well, to put it simply, I hope to use this blog to get myself back in the writing swing of things. I’d taken a break from picking apart movies in long form for the better part of the last few years — a side effect of getting wrapped up in work, acting, life, and not feeling as up to the task as I used to be. With luck, however, reporting to this blog every once in a while with my thoughts on a particular film or film-related topic will kick-start my interest and get me as hungry about the wide, weird world of cinema as I once was.

So, you might ask, what sort of cinematic ramblings can you expect to see here? Well, anything unusual, out-of-the-way, or downright funky is up for grabs. You can look forward to seeing reviews of various foreign movies, documentaries, vintage treats, and B-movies galore. If time and mainstream moviegoers have forgotten it, I’m all ears.

So, ladies and gents, without further ado, allow me to introduce the wellspring of filmic madness that is…CineSlice

*cue John Williams theme*

-A.J. Hakari

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